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November 02, 2017

Hawaii is one place in the world which houses many of the top golf courses in the world. The very topography, balmy weather and the growing conditions landing to the lush green undulating fairways with six islands and not more than eighty courses all are finest resorts.

Hawaii is one place in the world whichhouses many of the top golf courses in the world. The very topography, balmyweather and the growing conditions landing to the lushgreen undulating fairways with six islands and not more than eighty courses allare finest resorts.


One of the most renowned courses inHawaii is the Kapalua Resort Course which is located in Maui. This is thoughtof as the best nationally renowned golf resort. The KapualaMeecedes tournamentis held at this very spot, every year in January. There are also some Bay aswell as Village courses along with Plantation Courses.


Another popular golf resort in Hawaii isthe Lanai Resort which offers a great quality and seclusion of its both curses.The course Experience at Koele is architected by Greg Norman and Ted Robinson.The Challenge at Menele is built by Jack Nicklaus. This course has an oceanview from each and every hole.


WaileaResort is also another Hotspot forHawaiian Golf. The resort has got three courses which are called Gold, Emeraldand Blue courses. These three courses have super scenic views of themid-Hawaiian islands, pacific coasts. The Kauai Island gives a great experienceas a golf resort. The Bed and Breakfast of Princeville is laid across fourhundred and eighty feet fairway with fabulous scenic views. This course is alsoknown as the Princeville Golf Course. The visitors also say that this verycourse is no less than the Garden of Eden. The Princeville has dining room,living room, and entrances for guests and even decks. Hawaii also has got somegood amount of corollary tourist attraction like shopping centres, safarirides. As a golfer, you will be able to play at Hawaii’s prestigious and famouscourses and will also be able to spend a great time at the islands.


Hawaii’s Big Island comprises of anumber of courses which require fees on daily basis to be played on. This veryfeature makes it easy for the commoners as well to play on the courses. Theblack colored volcanic rock creates a great backdrop of the green fairways thatare found here. There are no less than sixteen golf courses which can beaccessed by the common people. Some well-known or popular resorts are MaunaKea, Mauna Lani and also Waikoloa. This island is popularly known as thecapital of the Hawaiian Golf.


Oahu Island is considered as the largestcompetitor of the Big Island. It has got more than forty courses of golf whichalso include the nine courses for militaries and five courses owned by privateclubs. An independent estimation says that there are nearly twenty five courseswhich are accessible by the common people, This island houses the very firstgolf course of Hawaii Island, that was constructed in the year eighteenninety-eight. This curse is semi-private.

Above is the shortand detailed description about golfing options in Hawaii. Make sure that youpack your Acapulco Shirts along with a sun block lotion for your next HawaiianGolfing Trip.