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September 08, 2011

An open letter to the world written by Casey Anthony

Dear World,

     It’s me, Casey Anthony! (HAHA THAT RHYMES LOL)

     I have a confession to make, world. It was I. BUT YOU GUYS ALREADY KNEW THAT!!!! BLAHHHHHHH LOL!!!!

     I TOTES have a good explanation, though, because the night that it happened,Real Housewives of NYC was on TV, and anyone who knows me TOTES knows that there is NOTHING (not even an adorable, little girl that shot out of my vag) that I love more than the supes amaze Bravo Real Housewives franchise!!!!! Anyways, I was trying to watch Housewives, and that girl kept bothering me and asking me to feed her and play with her, and she kept whining like a little baby (HAHA she was a baby lololol) and stuff, and I was all like, “STOP TALKING!REAL HOUSEWIVES IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWRRR!!!!” But she didn’t stop talking, and I was getting really angry because I effing love that show, and Ramona (my fav housewife) was getting into a fight with Luann a.k.a. the worst person ever (BESIDES ME LOL) and I was missing what was happening and that kid wouldn’t stop talking and then the show was over and I missed it and I was all like, “I’M GONNA MAKE SURE THAT THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!! I WILL NEVER MISS ANOTHER SECOND OF REAL HOUSEWIVES EVER AGAIN! RAWRRR!! NEVER EVER!! RAWRRR!!”

     And I guess the rest is history, world!!! LOL!

     See you later, world!!! (jkjkjk probably not really though because everyone hates me/wants to kill me lol hahahahaha)


                    Casey Anthony (HAHA THAT RHYMES TOO LOL)

P.S. I say “RAWRRR” a lot because that is what monsters say! LOLOLOL!