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October 29, 2015

Do you ask yourself where are exactly the bug entry points located in your house?

How do Pests Find Their Way Into Your Home

Do you ask yourself how pests get in your home? I do that every time I see a bug in my house.

Maybe you think your walls are solid and enough to keep bugs at bay? Yes, they are, but nevertheless, many walls are full of pest passageways. The tiny bugs have no problem sneaking in through the cracks and because of that you must have in mind that your home is not at all bug-proof.


What Can You Do?

Seal all gaps, especially the bigger ones that let in the larger insects and smaller rodents, like mice. Also, it’s a good idea to inspect the space under your deck, because it’s swarming with insects down there. And don’t forget to put on some old clothes in case you’re brave enough to actually decide to do that.

To perform the inspection of your property you’ll need a mirror, a pencil, and a flashlight. Look for cracks and when you find some, take the pencil and slide it into it.

If it fits, a small mouse will have no problem squeezing through. Areas that you should check out are wall penetrations, windows, doors, dryer vents, exhaust fans, roof vents, and the foundations of your property. Sounds like a lot of work, and it is, so if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to perform the check up, call a local mice control experts to inspect your house and get rid of all rodents and pests in it.

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The Classic Entry Points

The walls aren’t the only way insects enter your home. Here’s what you need to watch out for:
- Ants - if you have trees in your garden, the branches which touch your house become an “insect bridge” to your home. Also, this allows ants and other insects to nest in clogged gutters.

- Squirrels and bats - these creatures like the attic because its cozy а refuge. So gaps along dormers, roof vents, and adjoining rooflines become entrance points into your attic.

- Cockroaches - don’t store unused cardboard boxes because they are the perfect habitat for cockroaches.

- Beetles - bear in mind that sliding windows, doors, and thresholds provide insects easy entrance.

- Mice - these rodents hide in tiny holes in the gaps around utility lines and along foundations which provide them a thoroughfare into your home.

- Moisture bugs - lawns, poorly directed downspouts, and shallow slopes make basements moist for centipedes, spiders, and other bugs to thrive.

From insects using the cracks and enter your house without any problem, to mice appearing in your pantry, you’re now aware how easy it is for them to move right in.

Check out this video for visual references of where are exactly the bug entry points located in your house and start removing them.

Fruit Flies

The edible products in your house are another gateway for insects. Fruit flies lay eggs on every fruit and vegetable they can put their hands (legs) in. Do you have old products rotting in your garbage? But if your fruits aren’t rotting or overripe, the fly larvae haven’t yet burrowed their way inside your pears or apples. They’ll be waiting for the fruits to start fermenting. So washing them will clear the eggs away before they’ve hatched, as long as the fruit is fresh and ripe that is.