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July 17, 2018

Why We Should Be Thanking Donald Trump for Misspeaking at Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin

Why We Should Be Thanking Donald Trump for Misspeaking at Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin

At the risk of getting “die” votes for political commentary on a comedy website: It is simple–the Manhattan, Hollywood, and DC media has been quick in the collectivism of its orgasmic outrage after Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians with military experience because Donald Trump did not condemn Vladimir Putin for meddling by Russians in the US election in 2016 at the recent Helsinki summit. Trump has now clarified that he believes that Russians meddled in the 2016 election … yet; the motive for doing so is still subject to conspiracy theories from irrational hatred of Trump. I am quick to say: if the media and DC want a war with Russia because Democrats are still butt-hurt that they lost in 2016–that is your fight, because Russians bought ads on Facebook or in social media without any proof of what, if any, impact that had on the outcome of the election. The DNC has not turned over the server they claim was hacked for forensic analysis because they say they do not have to because they are no different from a business and there should be no expectation to do so. Which should tell you: Democrats are not voters or constituents, but customers of the DNC. And the DNC is open for business: Time for all you Democrats to sign-up for war with Russia because you want Trump to accuse Putin of sponsoring meddling in foreign elections. In reality, that *meddling* could have originated with anti-Putin forces who want to discredit his international legitimacy after him being in power for roughly 20 years. The same anti-Putin forces could have contacts with Syrian rebels who want to oust Putin for Russian support of Hafez al-Assad in Syria or anti-Putin forces in Ukraine. Or you know, maybe Putin simply does not provide enough Vodka, so this is their way of rebelling against him. So again, if butt-hurt Democrats want Trump to make incendiary accusations at Putin and start World War 3–it is time for those Democrats to fight for the integrity of our elections. We would love to continue the use of the US military as a welfare program for identity politics and send you off to Siberia where you can fight, *white Russians.* So long and farewell to you. Because for all we know, the Clinton Foundation was selling uranium to anti-Putin forces through the Clinton Foundation for a coup by the Russian MILITARY, which is why meddling by Russian military forces does not necessarily prove involvement by Putin… and even if he was, again, it could be a reprisal for meddling by the Clinton Foundation in Russian politics by selling uranium to anti-Putin forces. Democrats would understand this if they were not suffering from radicalized retardation from identity-politics, who want to f*** Trump, give Purple Hearts to FBI agents because we don’t understand the context of their text messages, and to abolish ICE because Ivanka Trump is a feckless c***.

If this is what you call progress, I understand why the DNC is merely a business and can’t provide their server for forensic analysis.