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October 15, 2008


Hey Everyone! Happy Thanks Giving to all of my fellow Canucks out there and Happy week to everyone else.

I watched a few movies this week, some that made me laugh and one that were creepy as hell. 

Here we go...

1) Meet the Zohan

I heard nothing but bad reviews on this one and I really wanted to hate it. Truth is, I laughed the whole time! This is the Adam Sandler flick that just hit the movie stores about a week ago.  He is the ex Army assasin turned hair dresser.  It is actually a very good end of the week, tired on friday night and looking for something light kind of movie.  It is full of Man a &  c (ass and cock) but done in a very funny way.  His super powers will have you laughing the whole time and his hacky sack skills made me snort Pepsi out my nose.  FUNNY! If anything you will come out of this movie with 75 or so new penis jokes (you can never have enough penis jokes in the holster)  Give it a try, trust me you will laugh.

Rating 7.5/10

2) Smiley Face

Nothing left to rent? Try this one.  Its sort of a hidden gem on the wall.  Again a very light movie about a Girl that eats her roomates cupcake stash.  There were not just cupcakes, they were loaded with "green".  The whole movie is here freaking out about everything all paranoid.  It was actually very funny.  Not much more to say about this one cause there is not much more too it! Give it a try if there is nothing left.

Rating 7/10


This is just a creepy serial killer movie staring Willem Dafoe. Or should I say a serial killer movie staring creepy Willem Dafoe.  Its gross and bloody and you have to look at Willem Dafoe's mouth the whole time. (the grossest part of the movie) Its long and boring, dark and depressing.  Save yourself the $6 on this one and dont be tricked by how many copies are on the wall, not worth the rent.

Rating 6/10 (6 becaues I did not turn it off)

4) Curious George the movie

Ok, I feel like Im sucking up to the boss  here :-)!!! This is the animated movie staring the voice of Mr.Will Ferrell.  This is my Boy Nicholas' FAVORITE movie.  Its all he asks for.  You know what?, its actually a really funny and enjoyable movie to watch!  I usually watch movies or shows with my little man wondering"when the hell is this train wreck going to end!" but this movie had me totally interested.  The funniest thing is it acutally explains how Man with the Yellow hat gets his suit! HAHAHAHAHA! Funny!  A great movie about how George and Man with the Yellow hat come to meet each other.  Very fun movie for anyone with a youngster (or anyone that just acts like a youngster).  Seriously, if you have not watched this movie with your little one, pick it up this weekend. I loved it.

Rating 9/10

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