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January 12, 2010


Oh shit, Rotwang made a weblog

"Damn them sonsabitches with their gill-nets set afloat."

Today's episode:

"Day 3: The Most Underrated video on funnyordie.com"

OK, everyone just take a deeeeep breath.

So, today, my third day of being the featured blogger on the FOD homepage, was going to be my "play it by ear" day, where I go free-styling like the hiphopopotamus (shuttle to 2:30). ("Sometimes when I free-stye, I... lose confidence.")

But then, the FOD staffers came into the comments of my last blog entry and the fire started up. I'm not slamming them for doing so- they were on the level, expressing their honest opinions, and I like it when anyone speaks up, even if I disagree. And also some guy, Tyghtrope, chimed in too.


But where does that leave me here writing this? How appropriate that one of the criticial commenters is named "Tyghtrope". I'm totally on a tightrope here. The poker pot is piled high and I have, like, a pair of 8's. This blog post better be good. And it won't be. (Living up to the name "Funny or Die".)

But I'm not playing myself as an innocent victim either- I'm Rotwang, I bring these storms to me, it's my fault, it's masochistic. And I'm totally fair game.

You can dish it, Rotwang, but can you take it?

Still and all, can I just say that my previous two blog posts were attempts to be CAREFUL. I was trying to be respectul of FOD in the first one, and then respectful of FOD's (rillawafer's) requested topic in the second one. Rotwang FAIL.

The weblog entry that I'm going to post tomorrow is something that I actually wrote on Sunday. It's the second weblog post I wrote when I was planning out this week. Tomorrow I'm going to post it word-for-word as I wrote it Sunday and I had decided it should land on Thursday. (Well, I'm going to *try* to do it word-for-word, anyway, as an act of, like, poetic purity in spite of the debates that have cropped up.) It's basically a big can of Rotwang venom. And only a bit of it is directed at FOD staff.)

So here's what I'm going to do in this, the impossible, unwinnable entry-

Well, after my post yesterday where I asked "what should I say tomorrow guys?", Clay suggested I talk about "group-think", which isn't a bad idea, considering that FOD has become more social over the past year ("facebookization", I've called it). In my computer programmer mind, that translated to "swarm intelligence", which is something I've done a lot of reading about for the past ten years.

The registered FOD users. Or the unregistered ones.

And then I read Tyghtrope's comment "Not once in your post do you ever say what *you* find funny personally. " (Should I listen to this guy? I try to care about any criticism but his first post was complaining that I raped his sense of humor. Hey Tyghtrope, don't worry, I won't rape your sense of humor. I've seen your sense of humor, and I wouldn't put my cock anywhere near that.)

But a point is a point, and he kinda has a point. (Even though, um, I linked to 4 videos that I "find funny personally", there, Tyghtrope. So... your "not once" comment........................... um.....)

If anyone wants to know "what Rotwang finds funny", then just look at the Favorites list on my profile. It's kind of lame if I just regurgitate that in blog form here. (Btw, I find that you can glean a lot about someone from their Favorites list, it's very telling.)

So ultimately this is a question of "selective failure". No matter what I say, it's going to get slammed by someone. I can't choose whether or not to fail, but I can choose how I fail. So here's what I choose:

I'm going to talk at length about my single favorite video on FOD, "the Il Gatto video". (Is that a safe topic or am I already doomed?)

What I want to say about Il Gatto is not just about the video itself, but about the way the FOD users reacted to it, which is as or more interesting than the video itself. "Group-think", or rather, a lack-thereof.

Everyone watch the Il Gatto video again:

Written by Heather Anne Campbell, who I've gone around on FOD joking that I'm in love with. Well, not joking. (I'm so wide open to 1000 snarky comments here.)

I am like TOTALLY RIDICULOUSLY UNQUALIFIED to say this, but, when I watch Il Gatto and consider that it's written and performed by a woman, I think of it as being a parody of the masculine "showdown" mentality, and I imagine that might appeal to women watching it. No? (This is as ridiculous as if I were to talk about black people's perspectives, when I'm so white that if I take off my shirt and stand in front of my window, ships start coming in from the North Atlantic.) I can say it appeals to me because I'm Rotwang and I do a lot of showdowns in my stupid armchair "internet tough guy" way.

So I would think this would have broad appeal, spanning the gender line, right?

Apparently not. It's got a 55%.


But that's not even the really interesting part. The more amazing thing is when you read the comments. Go look. Read deep in.

Nine out of 10 comments are gleamingly positive. How does this happen? How do 9 out of 10 people absolutely love this, and yet it has a 55% on 25,000 views? WHO is voting die for this?

I think the answer is "unregistered users". You can't comment unless you're a registered user. My guess here is that registered users of FOD have seen more videos and have a better sensibility. Registered FOD users are maybe a more sophisticated audience? I don't know- I'm not so much asserting that, as I am suggesting it, as a possible explanation. Truth is, I have no idea, hence I thought it would be a good topic of discussion for a blog.

And it's not like something sneaky is going on, I don't think FOD artificially brought down the rating- FOD has since put at least two other Midnight Show videos on the homepage, ("Bible and the Gun" and, recently, "How to Have Sex"). I think more actually.

I guess this isn't "group-think" but, I don't know, "group-lack-of-think"? "individual-think?" In my huge nerd way, this facinates me. Remember, this is my favorite FOD video here. And I'm a loud-mouthed commenter who reads comments (no one else does), so to see comments praising this while it's barely above 50%.... this is like crack for Rotwang's hyperactive mind to try to figure out.

So anyway I want this to be somewhat discussive- have you seen this phenominon before? Or maybe just name some underrated videos that you like? Let's give some views to vids that need love.

While I'm talking about my favorites crop, here's some more cream-

For some reason, I've watched this video like 900 times, "Great Moments In History" Episode One.

As well as this one, a brief history of ron.

And this one (you're jumping into episode 2 but you'll catch on), Clark Kent Has A Dream (Ep. 2).

Mark my words, Ninja Sex Party is going to be the next big thing. They're in NYC, so I emailed them and offered to be an extra for free. I said, "you can stab me and I'll spray blood or something." Their latest: The Decision. (I wrote on Amy4Birds' wall: "You haven't seen this video yet. You know how I know? Because it's not on your favorites list." And she watched it and favorited it.

Well that's enough meat to shoot down today. Tomorrow, expect a big can of melodrammatic internet kickass. A blood bath of meaningless criticism that no one really reads.

I'm gonna give rillawafers some credit here, he has made me into a free-content-providing-user-bitch, and he should get a raise for it.

P.S. I'm linking to Butch Jackson again just because he asked. (Media whore.)