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February 14, 2009


Hey Byron! Do not call here unless you have enough time to devote to the conversation process.(Byron being my brother in law)
I was trying to explain that life w. his brother isn't all it's cracked up to be. I live in a halfway house for cats.It's always just shy of halfway done.My husband will start yet another "diy" project&halfway thru it will
decide to start something else. Like right now he has the floor tile in the cat bathroom pulled out and the toilet is sitting in our front yard (Happy Valentines Day). The cats don't know where to "go" however the strange man sittng on the john last night when I got home had no such dilema . Next time, how about cutting the "flood" lights on? Spare my heart! It is Valentines day, you know. Like our FOD friends "funnebone"and "McBrayer" I,too "can only handle one asshole at a time!"