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April 02, 2009


I will admit that I wasn't having the best day today. I had to leave at the crack of dawn to take my daughter to swimming, which I normally love but I've been fighting off a cold all week and also fighting off my dick of a boyfriend...so I barely slept last night except of course from about 5am until my alarm went off, and we still ended up leaving late and I didn't have any breakfast. So...after swimming, the teacher comes in and hands me a bag with the five boxes of Girl Guide Cookies we ordered last week which was AWESOME because I was ravenous. I sort of ran ahead of the class with my daughter and we got to the caf first, I cracked open the cookies, she took a chocolate one and I took a vanilla. She didn't like the chocolate, so I handed her another vanilla, and then tasted the chocolate one myself because I remembered that I never really liked the chocolate ones either. So, the teacher walks in and it looks like I'm double fisting Girl Guide cookies, holding one of each flavor in each hand and having a mouth too full to even say "Help yourselves!" Fine. I'm a pig. Whatever. So, then I have about a twenty minute walk from the school which isn't a problem except that it's a couple of steep hills to get home. I scale the first hill, no problem. As I'm walking down the hill, my stomach growls again and I figure it must be about 11 so I meander to the plaza at the bottom of the hill to grab a slice of pizza for when I get home so I don't have to wait while I cook something. I go to the pizza place and everything looks open, but the door is locked. The guys inside are deliberately not looking at me, which I can forgive because I work in retail and if it isn't opening time the public can go to Hell...I understand. What I don't understand is when I turn around and there's a woman walking past me from my left and I ask her politely "Excuse me, could I please have the time?" She keeps walking. Thinking it's possible she didn't hear me, I raise my voice and ask again and this time I can tell she's heard me, but has chosen to ignore me and keeps walking. So I say even louder "Is it really that hard to take a look at your watch you stupid bitch?" This gets a look. So now I'm pretty pissed off and I yell "OH YAH! I'm sure that you heard THAT...BITCH!" She didn't turn at this but just walked faster to the pace of a mild jog. Now, how hard is it to tell someone the time? How long does it take? Less than 3 seconds??? It wasn't like I was busking for change and I wasn't soliciting a bite of her muffin or a sip of her coffee or anything like that, I just wanted the time!! So, I hope she understands that me calling her a "bitch" wasn't just my temper, I was TEACHING her that someone will confirm for you what a stupid twat of a bitch you are when you can't even manage a simple pleasantry such as "Sorry, I don't have a watch" or "It's just before eleven" to which the response would have been a polite "thank-you" instead of having it yelled out to all in earshot what a Bitch you are. That's right! You RUN home and CRY you stupid bitch cuz THAT's what TIME it is!!