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April 20, 2018

Lets discuss here all dos and don’ts of e-learning

E-learning is quickly becoming a go-to program for education in this generation.It is learning that’s conducted via the Internet or through an electronic medium. With the availability of Internet connection globally, it has become easier for students to take courses without having to be present physically in a classroom. As long as one meets the deadlines set by the institution, e-learning can be a successful method for one to achieve their educational goals. However, there are some things that one should adhere to success in e-learning.

1. Take Study Breaks
E-learning means that one has to set their schedules to study. When attending school physically, breaks in between studying are already carved out for students, but in this case, one has to set study breaks for themselves. If one studies completely without taking a break, the mind gets tired, and the most of the things that we learn we’ll not retain. According to M.I.T, a 10-minute break after 50 minutes of studying is ideal.


One has to do an accurate research before selecting the institution to pursue their academic agenda. A student needs an institution that has the requisite resources to enable their smooth learning. They should also be flexible on the learning schedule to give them room to do their stuff. The cost for the course should also be sensible as the student needs to get their value for money. The student can check for the best schools online as some blogs and websites like essaywritersite.com have already broken down the pros and cons of the major colleges and universities.

3.Have Access to an internet connection

It is the critical aspect of e-learning that many students forget about while enrolling in online classes. One should ensure that they have a reliable Internet connection because without it learning will be impossible. Look for an Internet connection that’s fast and always available. It is very frustrating for one to be studying then the internet cuts off bringing in distractions as you try to fix it. The student should also avoid opening multiple tabs as this slows down the speed of the connection.

4.Be Dedicated and Motivated

Have a positive attitude towards online learning before embarking on it.E-learning is not a face-to-face course, so one has to rally themselves in order to have an interest in it. There is no one to observe how you are progressing with your education and this is the primary reason for many to drop their learning midway. Do not think of it as a task but turn it into something fun. Having a positive perception towards e-learning is essential for one’s success.

5.Meet Deadlines

Assignments and submissions get sent to the student with strict instructions on when the deadline is. Although you have the freedom to do this tasks on your own time, you should ensure that you submit them on time.There needs to be a mutual collaboration between the learner and the institution for smooth running of things. If you are unable to meet the deadline, notify your professor beforehand and ask for more time to avoid being penalized.

1. Dont Be Afraid to Seek Help
Professors are willing to assist you when you find a particular topic challenging. Do not hesitate to ask them for clarification or help.Remember that other students have the privilege of raising a question in the classroom, but you are not there.

2.Don’t Study Without aPlan

Foran e-learner, planning and scheduling their study flatly falls on them. At school, the semester and even the year is already planned out for students. You should, therefore, come up with a studying schedule that is flexible for you to avoid a pile-up of assignments and being left behind by others.

3.Don’t Study Where ThereAre Distractions

E-learning is appealing to many as it allows one to study from anywhere. You should, however, be smart about where you choose to do your study from. If the house is full of distractions, it becomes difficult for one to concentrate. Look for a room where you can read without any distractions. A local library can also come in handy during this time.

conclusion-learning has become the preferred method for studying during this generation.It is cheaper than attending a college physically as there are no boarding or transport costs. It is also available to a broader audience globally, opens up learning opportunities to those whose schedules hinder them from being available in classrooms. As long as the student follows the laid out rules and has a study plan, e-learning is a great way for one to substitute classroom hassles with studying away from the classroom, be it at home, while traveling, or from wherever they choose.