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December 03, 2009


Come take a peak at an experiment in progress: Season 0 of "Vampirism Bites", where a hopeless vampire fangirl named Belle gets the blind date of dreams with an actual vampire, only to be taught that the world of vampires is not an everlasting romantic and sexual fantasy.

I'm doing this series as a test bed to see what kind of logistics will be needed to create a 'full' web series. I was inspired by things like Felicia Day's "The Guild" and Sandeep Parikh's "Legend of Neil". Not just the shows, but the impetus that drove their creators: "I'm not getting the kind of work I want in the traditional system even though I'm capable of it, so I'll make my own and prove it."

In my case, I'm a writer/director out of Michigan, and since I'm not an already established Hollywood star bringing a project into the state for 3 months due to tax incentives, I need to build my brand to prove that someone actually living and working in Michigan already can create movies and serials as well.

A web series is a cheap way to get my writing and directing style out there, gain experience for myself and cast/crew, and to help other actors looking for different roles get exposure playing against the type they get locked into. With this "Season 0" of Vampirism Bites, it's teaching me what technical deficiencies I need to address, and if I'm lucky, might get some interest and support to become a more developed web series and branch from there.

I invite anyone interested to join the journey! Episodes 1-4 are live now, and the finale of Season 5 is coming soon!