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December 10, 2008


I punched out a bus on the celebration of Festivus for the Rest of Us.Plus,I've done jury duty.It was funny being on the other side of the courtroom.I never been pick to go down to Jury Duty before.I called once and they told me I was passed over.A strange thing to tell a half-Jew.Today,I went court.They had a nice waiting room and everybody was generally fairly cool.They pleaded out of court.I didn't know that just cause you show up for a jury duty;the lawyers can use that as a bargaining chip.Shit,they said might pay me $ 4 bucks for just showing up.Well,even if they don't,all I spent was 40 cents on the bus.Seeing that I once got paid $150 for playing a juror about 12 years back in NOLA;I figure I'm ahead anyway. Hopefully,I"ll catch Hate Eternal and jump in the mosh pit.It freaks out young kid when somebodt twice their age can last longer in the pit than they can.