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May 28, 2010


Online DWOM promotion of creative work these days comes in two forms. The first is actual artists spending the time to get to know their fans and online viewers and connecting as best they can while pushing people (or lovingly enticing them) toward their work.. the second is giant corporations pretending to do all of the above. Chances are if Russell Crowe sends you a DM that says "Check out my new video.." it's probably..well, bad example, come to think of it, that sounds just like Russell Crowe... anyway.. a lot of what is passing for personal connection on the web these days is simply direct marketing. This makes it especially difficult for artists who actually do give a shit and want to connect. Oddly enough the people who get the most attention are often those who shun (Or more precisely, pretend to shun) social media altogether... ironically they usually let you know this via twitter. 
    So on the one hand you cant get by with out engaging in Social Media these days and on the other hand if you do it too readily it comes across as needy or fake. Hmmmm

Whaddaya do if you just genuinely like all this stuff? You label yourself a nerd and soldier on <GRIN>