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November 08, 2008


I do some dark evil poetry and my friend James is talking me into going on stage.Shit,I'll just read from my notebooks.I usually this shit when I'm all wound up.This Thursday,I'm definitely planning on going to Laffs.Explosive diarrhea or no explosive diarrhea.My comedy is like diarrhea of the mouth.Some rappers in NOLA told me to do my blabbling bullshit I"ve done on my old access show.Hopefully,I get a camera for my computer I can upload some of my bits.Granted I won't have the budget like Kim or Gabby.It's might look more like Lilly's stuff which I love.I'm also gonna bring back my old rap charecter for the "I need drug money coz I"m a never was" tour.Hopefully,I"m thinking about burning a CD.But,I was about to do that before Hurricane Katrina done fucked everything up.I had an interview for a job that monday!