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October 25, 2009


Well, It was a great week. I saw hundreds of elk, I didn't kill anything, but all my buddies did. I was hunting Bull(AKA Monster) And they hunted cows which are easier to hunt because they are more abundant. I did locate MONSTER. Yes I looked him up like an old friend that you would visit just because you were layed over in his or her town for a few hours. It took a lot of detective work, and after my expert tracking skills were lost in the forest for hours and all my freinds decided to only allow me to hunt  on the road. I Met a kid named Greg. He knew where MO NSTER  lived and gave me directions over to his general area. So I fired up the old dodge and took a drive over the range a few miles. I thought to myself " Wow MONSTER has really moved up in the world. MONSTER now  resides on the highest Golf Course in NORTH AMERICA Yes he's a celebrity. He's a 9X7 MONSTER bull and has come to the understanding that no one can shoot him as long as he lives on or around the ninth t.   It was good to see the old man doing so well. I saw him and then went for a ride and saw  some big horn sheep. I heard a mountain lion. I also had the privalage of wathcing a herd of Cows cross a meadow, If you ever get the chance to watch a lead cow work her herd, watch, its amazing- she's like a drill sergant. I watched them through the binoc-s  and wondered how she got in charge, was it a Vote? Was it by appointment? I remember setting there watching them and their chain of command thinking to myself -GOOGLE- . Well I got to go Google the elk chain of command so you guys have a good day.1 elk = 1 freezer full to the top of vinison. Not for me looks like another VAN-CAMP Christmas.