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Published July 13, 2011
What can be said about Sarah Palin that hasn’t been said already? Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down.  Yes I am also waiting for Palin to open up her shirt and prove that she's the three tittie ladie from Total Recall.  Until that Christmas day comes we have this, the trailer to her new movie The Undefeated.  What no one seems to have told Sarah though is "Gurrrrrrrrrrl, you don't know what undefeated means? Means you lost heffer and you is triflin'.  Now open up that shirt and show us them triple tig ol' bitties."  Well I'm a man of the people so I did my own bit of research and found the following rejected titles to Palin's documentary:The Defeated UneDriving Miss CrazyHenry: Portrait Of A Serial KillerAvatar IIYou Betcha! You Bitch Ya’!Fear Me and Loathe Me In AmericaTyler Perry’s Sarah PalinBreakin’ Palin II: Electric Fucking MoronOne Flew Over The Cuckoo’s NestI Know One Black PersonOn A Clear Day You Can See My Cooch$#^%@$^&)*&%!!@Boyz In The Hood…Not My Hood…Unless They Can Work For MeRise of the Planet of the Triflin' Triple Tittie Wow.  Solid choices all around and they still went with The Undefeated. Okay. The Undefeated arrives in select theaters July 15th. I’ll be sure not to select a single one.Follow me on Twitter at @RickyCarmona