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November 19, 2011

Gotta learn their lesson: to refill ice trays and put them back in the fridge after use

One night, everybody was having a drink out in the backyard. When I went in the kitchen, most of the ice trays were next to the sink. I have already talked to the people at home to put the ice trays back in the fridge after use. So pissed off, and with the fact that my cousin and brother drink soda in a glass with lots of ice every meal, even for breakfast, I thought of something that might probably teach them a lesson. In every other slot of the ice tray, I poured vinegar, and on the remaining slots, I put water. Then, I put the ice trays back in the freezer.

Next day, early morning....

My mom was freaking out, saying, "I think the iced tea has a poison in it. It tastes horribly weird! I really think I drank poison!" 

Everybody came to the kitchen to find out what's happening. Then, I was dying laughing at them. I waited for a few hours to think about what's going on, if my mom was really poisoned (but, nothing's happening to her for the past few hours) and why had been laughing at them. And so, I broke the news.  I told them the truth that what my mom drank with the iced tea wasn't ice (ice made out of water). it was vinegar that turned into an ice! LOL