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February 13, 2009


ok not that i care...cuz..ummm..DONT GIVE A FUCK...but reguardless i digress and relent to juz basically ..ok so here it is......
so i came across this blogsite as it is that i much like to snoop-thru the net, rather then like most retards who worship its mortalinfotempermantalishness...so anyways my damn point is:....
i swear maynard james keenan wrote this awesomesarcasticpieceofhorseshit..himself...i so fuckin swear it!!!!
here is it...down the door
Dudes, I used to be a Tool fan until I realized that Maynard was a fucking bitch. He tells kids to question authority and to do drugs to expand your mind. These are two of the worst things you can tell impressionable youth, and I am sorry to say that I bought into his bullshit for like 4 years, I went to two of his dick suck concerts and thought that Tool was god and all that. Then after a few overdoses, I realized that he didn’t give a shit about his fans. And what is that crap in the song, “War Drums” about “I won’t let the boogieman come” who the fuck does he think he is? Maynard is nothing but a stupid fucking liberal that recieves too much attention, and all of his little minions contribute nothing to society. Also rock and roll sucks, art is bullshit. Art is what you do in kindergartten to occupy your time, not something you do for a living, he is an overgrown whiney bitch that needs to have the shit beat out of him. I on the other hand am a physics major, and will soon be working for NASA making a positive difference in the world, instead of predatorilly filling peoples heads with new age hippie bullshit...Screw you Howard you Duck. Maynard is a reclusive sarcastic asshole. And you are a sheepole who follows him around to eat the golden flowers that spring up from his steamers! Go get waterboarded you communtist....ahhh in all its glory the sarcastic END......YESSS