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September 07, 2008


yes,i know what yer' thinking,no it's not about me willy.i'm filming my video short ,about stoners who find a bag of mob money,and being stoners,they decide to keep the money.the mob not liking thier money missing,start looking for it and find out it's in the hands of these stoner idiots.knowing this they send a couple of "representatives" to get thier money back,the stoners are saved by bob "the gay black belt".now the mob is pissed,the stoners go underground on the run,the mob boss "benny-bag-a-donuts" contracts "the mormon hitman",why? "because this fucking guy can find and kill anyone,you ever seen those guys in the suits on bikes?,thier fucking everywhere".this leads to a funny hide and seek game,with lots of off the wall people(most people will know guys just like this).the ending is a secret.....now i have been working on this for a year or so,and on seeing "pineapple express",me and my friends(ones in the short)think it's along the same lines,but not the same,sooooo,i didn't copy,or hack..i do wish i had a bigger budget,hell i wish i had A budget period.so this winter i will be posting it in parts,hope ya' like it,if not you didn't smoke enough weed.