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Published: March 18, 2010
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Slight idea.
Matt and Steve are bored of watching tv.
Matt says 'Let's hook up the Nintendo!'

'Let's dig up the grave!' Steve immediately replies.

Matt starts shuffling through the various outdated videogames.
Even blowing into some of the cartridges, prepping them to be played.

'It's too dark behind the tv, Matt, you got a flashlight?'

'No, I got a lighter though' says Matt handing Steve the lighter.

'Whatever, that works'  Steve says optimistically.

'Fssschk, fssshck' flicked the lighter.

Smoke starts rising from behind the television.

'Almost...got...it...' exhaled Steve.

Matt sees flickering without a 'fsssschk' noise and he starts to say
'Oh shit, dude....

'GOT IT!!' exclaims Steve as he stands back up from behind the tv with his hair completely engulfed
and spreading to the television set which quickly becomes fully aflame.


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