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July 08, 2011

This Month well quite a bit to think about!

So another month has passed and if you're a regular reader you will know that I wasn't sure wither I would still be alive after a near full month of Drinking. Well I am i'm alive even though the alcohol did try its best to kill me . So the new song ironically got put up on net before i even got the blog up its called smothered and is about being well smothered my favourite quote about it comes from a download buddy from London badger "Brings a whole;e new meaning to the term how can i say i love you when you're siting on my face" So go watch it links here http://youtu.be/HwWyK-fWPME Well i survived Download 2011 without too much hassle even got home at a decent time this year 7pm which is a lot better than 2008 (i think its that year forgive me this was the 7th year on the trot) were we got on a train at 3pm and got into Edinburgh at midnight lets just say i was not happy infect i was so annoyed and going stir crazy i started pacing the whole train back and forward ,not just the carriage the whole train. I did make up for my lack of drinking and kept myself drunk for four days straight. Which i can prove as we met two girls at the pickup point who camped with us claire and i want to say emma?.Anyway on the saturday morning the emma one turned to me in amazement and went "YOUR NOT FUCKED" while in-between i gave abuse to random people and yes the C word reread its ugly head sadly 3hours when we arrived at the festival and yet i have never been beaten up for it .One tip go see the Royal republic they are fucking fun and are playing king tuts in october i think and i for one shall be there. I came back had 3 days rest before I was flung into my big sisters wedding were I had to look acceptable 3 days after returning from download which I must admit is not an easy task .But I pulled it off and heres the proof . I even managed to get drunk and behave myself so that was good even though i mostly sat at the table and played angry birds which i am brilliant at by the way and if you don't believe me add me on games centre as always JuniorGingerPie So just a small bitch this month it was going to be about binge drinking but something very strange happened at work the other day . We were talking about random crap as always until my boss says his daughter wants a mobile phone. Nothing wrong about that I hear you say ,until I tell you that lilly is five years old . Is it just me or is that a bit young to own one. When I was five I was relishing in the bask of my own proper two wheeled bike and playing with gostbusters toys in my best friends back garden .Yes the times have changed ill agree with you but who has a five year old got to phone or txt . The problem is over time the mobile phone has never really changed its status ,yes it has come on leaps and bounds since the 80's oversized brick with a handy rubber stick attach so it makes it easier to chuck at folk . But it has never been a necessity it has for all intent and purpose a status symbol. To have the latest and greatest phone is considered cool (not being cool you can still be a complete tool and own the latest tech). I being a bit of a geek/nerd/gadget lover forget this sometimes for example I buy the phones I get because I love the things you can do with it as I admit so do many others but kids don't comprehend that to them I imagine its cool if it's a big brand and has cool games. I remember school but back in my day it was the resurrection of the yoyo and the beginning of Pokemon it was cool to have them but they were at the end of the day pieces of card and some plastic its just that these days its phones . This raises many questions so I shall stop before this turns into paper rather than a blog . So until next time have fun i think the next blog should be about procrastination as i know i broke my own deadline by a week,in fact ill start right now just after i get lost in the internet