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February 28, 2011

Monthly blog in wich this month we look at a few pointers for visiting Amsterdam

So the blog is finally back to cut a long story short make sure your firewall is on and you wont have to reinstall from disk twice like i did. Well its been quite busy 2 months for me which means any normal person like yourself could do it all in a week . But to start off i had to get back into the monotones of normal working life after christmas and just when i got used to that i had to deal with a birthday but its the one birthday i cant stand and worst off all i couldn't hide from it as it was mine but overall between not really telling anyone and working a had a nice quiet day and thanks to all the people who wished me happy birthday but if you really know me you should know that it cant be happy unless you buy me a pint give me a present then fuck off and leave me alone to get birthday sex in peace, yea thats to you shroom phone first ( must point out that was a separate incident and did not affect my birthday sex at all) Apart from trying to finnish a new song working name "The dangers of fat girls" but i don't really like it so it'll change and franticly reading and watching the news to submit work to radio 7 newsjack programme and realising that the jingle i made for collins and herrings bbc 6music show has been ripped apart and remade by them ( which i like and knew it was quite crap so gave them the garageband project and said play with it if you want) so my voice all be it has been threw a voice changer has been on 6music i should make one for someone on fm radio now ! But apart from all that i took a propper-ish holiday i went to the wonderful place that puts two different cities in one that is Amsterdam so i have decided to point out some things i would've like to have known before i went. 1. First of all everyone who is not walking i.e. cars,bikes,motorbike,vans,scooters,trams and unicycles wants to kill you especially the cyclists that are all on old rusty sit upright bikes which have NO brakes i doesn't matter how big the street is wither it has pavents or not or how pedestrianised the street looks someone will fly past you on a bike and make you shit yourself. 2.There are 3 different kinds of affluent people in amsterdam which are the usual businessmen,The coffee shop owners and the working girls but strangely enough the hardest working of the lot are the coffee shop owners ,not the workers but the actual owners as there forever running about sorting this or that . Although i may be biased because that is were i spent the majority of my time 3.The amount of street art is amazing and not graffiti but actual art and were not just talking life-size were talking full buildings check this http://yfrog.com/h4da7nkj 4. If you do make it out of the red-light area look at the city it is ridiculously fucking beautiful 5.Warning there are trannys in the red light area but believe me you will know who they are straight away 6. I have no idea how i saw nobody fall or be pushed into a canal as nearly all of them have any way to stop you going in apart from common sense that europe seems to have that a big number of British people don't 7.And finally APPARENTLY you cant try before you buy especially the working girls trust me just don't even ask So thats it normal service has resumed and i hope you enjoy it and if your not yet following me on twitter move your fingers you lazy fuck www.twitter.com/juniorgingerpie catch ya cunts