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Charles M. Schultz, Pink Floyd, Charlie Brown, Will Ferrel and the gang at Funny or Die ( I apologize for any miss spelling of names I just don't have the same research team for such details). Budget cuts, you know or not I really don't give a fuck. Argh!

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July 15, 2011

um, i've fuckin' had it. there are not enough motorhead songs or e.e.cummings poems to soth this savage fuckin' heart. you cocksuckers, and you know all of those bastards are male ego driven fuck wads living in stanford of seattle. the ocean will swallow them whole, just like jonah's whale. like he owned the whale...drugs. more.

i was 20 beer and a song download away from going to bed when the mouse died.  it didn't rock my universe, but it did piss me off.

and that is my tale for today.

peace to Pink Floyd ~ smoke pot.

as the only true and original pyschedelic poster said - and you who remember weren't there - trip or freak or in todays euphomism - funny or die.

good night or in the words of charlie brown, "good grief".