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October 16, 2009


   On my journey to work every morning I venture onto the M Train... which in its ever-so elitest way ventures above to less that desireable areas of Brooklyn.. such as Bushwick. This morning a white trash chica .. about my age gets on to the train. In tow she has 3 of the cutest kids I have ever seen. ... then it begins....

Speaking loud enough that every one for three train cars can here she is talking about how she is going to the welfare office to get more money... keep in mind that she is screaming into her brand new i-phone.. which I have and costs and arm and a leg to enjoy every month. She then starts talking about some guy she is just "fucking around with"  and how she bought him a brand new Xbox while her children tug at her arm desperate for her attention.....

... It is about 8 am at this point... I watch her open a bag of Snickers bite sized bars and feed them to her babies.... o.k.. not my business , but what happened next blew my mind....   

Someone else must have taken notice to this and glanced over... the women stands up and starts to through some type of ghetto fit ... it was so over done I wanted to believe she was kidding... like a scene out of friday....

.... This is not so much a funny blog as it is a sad, sad observation.   Where are Angelina and Brad when you need them ?????

This may have been her

bscry2.jpg image by morganzola