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February 18, 2009


I don't know how to give you a funny review for this. It was fantastic. Sean Penn, I hope wins the award, he was fabulous. Best line in the movie, "What are you gonna tell your children when people are different then them?" I don't see why Brolin should be up for an award - he was good, but not academy award worthy. I wish everyone could go see that movie. It said so many important things - I wish more people would pay attention to this stuff. The world be a better place. I hope it wins everything it's up for.  Sean Penn has such a good body - you can tell that he works out by the veins that stick out. I don't remember Anita Bryant going against gay rights - hopefully she's dead. I always say, if you look at someone's shadow, we're all the same color. Because underneath, we're all the same.

There was one funny thing - when Sean Penn was dancing at the celebration with the drag queen, I thought he was probably a good dancer because Madonna taught him to dance at one time!

I didn't see all of the movies nominated, so I want Milk to win because it was fantastic and that's the one I saw. Let's do Milk for Best Director too. I want Milk to win everything. I guess not for wardrobe though - they just wore regular clothes. Is Milk up for Best Screenplay? Don't they say that you write what you know? I would write about the airlines.