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April 23, 2012

Thought the top of my Jello was like bonus Kool Aid. Ended up being Jello skin. GAH!

When I open my little cups of Jello I always sip the liquid on the top of the Jello because it’s like bonus Kool-Aid.

This time it didn’t go as planned because when I sipped my bonus Kool-Aid I ended up getting a mouthful of Jello skin which is nothing like bonus Kool-Aid. Admittedly, it was somewhat tasty but the texture made me gag. I was going to spit it out but it slid down my throat like it had some life's mission to be digested instead of discarded.

Either way it was gross and I won’t let it happen again.

Just to let everyone know my Jello didn't have sprinkles in it like the above image...and no Jello ever should. THAT? Is worse than the fucking Jello skin. I mean really. Who puts sprinkles in Jello? Evidently some deranged birthday party mom who thinks that kind of thing is cute. Those type of people don't look 5 minutes into the future at the Jello cups with the multi-colored shit slog melding together on the top.

Remember kids, Jello is best paired with vodka, not sprinkles. Even shitty vodka is better than sprinkles.