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August 12, 2016

Here's your chance to get an inside look at this week's top content.

People don’t climb to the bottom of Mount Everest. No animal wants to be at the bottom of the food chain. Hit rock bottom? No way, Jose! Hit diamond top! A bottom is a butt, and we here at Funny Or Die refuse to be butts.

That’s why Top Content was created. To get rid of the butts and to showcase the diamonds. We feature the top internet content to save you from having to look at the bottom. Butts from the rest of the internet? No thank you. Diamonds from funnyordie.com? Yes, please!

The Day The Earth Stopped Masturbating

Hunger Games who? This is the dystopian future we should all be afraid of: a world where jerking off is illegal.

Everyone In Our Office Draws What They Think Trump’s Dick Looks Like

Even though he refused to release his tax returns, looks like Trump decided to finally release those dick pics that the world has been clamoring for!


CDC Warns Against Travel To Miami Because of Zika And Everything Else About Miami

Zika causes brain damage.Living in Miami requires brain damage. Coincidence?


I Do Cupping

At least he’s not doing steroids like Bowser!


Guest Op-Ed by Toad

Trump And Hillary Also Released Summertime Playlists

Entire Hamilton Soundtrack (Or Whatever The Fuck Musical Young People Are Obsessed With Lately Who Can Even Keep Track Note To Self: Ask Chelsea But She Might Be Too Old Too?) is the hottest dance track of the summer!

uvmvDYpFSluFRbSzhK3d_trump-playlist-night-time (1).jpg

Job Posting For New Young, Sexy Kardashian Now That Kylie is 19

Are you a minor who enjoys being sexually objectified by an entire country? Then boy have we got the job for you!


21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #154

Well, you’ve reached the bottom of Top Content. But we at Funny Or Die understand your need to be the best — so check out this list of the BEST GIFs of ALL time of THIS week!