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December 15, 2009


Sometimes when you sit down and start typing the idea eventually comes. Other times you sit down and stare at the computer screen. Then, before you know it, its 12 hours later you're still in your pajamas and you know everything there is to know about all of your friends on facebook. Plus you've watched a few youtube videos, checked out an online comic strip or two, g-chatted it up, and at least fancied the idea of looking at porn if not gone ahead and done it. Also you probably built that new computer you wanted over and over but no matter how you spec'ed it there's no way you're getting it under that price you set in your head, then you think maybe you'll finally get that HD TV so you check all the online stores to get the best price but after reading 1,000 reviews and 10,000 opinions you notice your face hurts from looking confused for too long and you realize you had sat down at the damn computer to get something done for god sake, anyways how would you find time for TV when it takes you 12 hours sitting at the computer to get something as simple as writing for 30 minutes done. Don't forget you're trying to do this everyday so its not like today you'll sit at the computer and tomorrow you'll watch HD programming all day. And don't think you're gonna take the old sitting on the couch pad and pen approach. The last time you wrote something down it took an expert panel of 3rd grade teachers to decipher what you had written, and that was only after you managed to clean off all the tomato sauce. How did it get on there anyways? The last time I checked neither Kraft Macaroni & Cheese or Pop Tarts have red sauce in them and that's about the only thing you eat in house these days. I got an idea why don't you write "The Great Red Sauce Caper" and the big reveal can be it wasn't red sauce at all it's just what fake cheese looks like after its grown red death mold.