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August 09, 2017

it’s all even games like and today’s video is all about games that are similar to grand theft auto now.

Top Amazing Games Like Real Life

it’s all even games like and today’s video is all about games that are similar to grand theft auto now.
I have got around four to five wild cards on this list but at games that aren’t really like round for photos but ones that I really feel grab before lovers will love to make sense any way I hope you enjoy.

we’re going to kick this list off with

Saints Row 2

This game is extremely like stunning dress from the ground photo series it has the same Arkady kind of feel it’s got complete free roam you can build your own gang which is really awesome there are tons of cheats that leave this game packs and just stuff to do and it’s got a wicked multiplayer mode the next game on this list is.

Just Cause

Now this game is a lot more military base in GTA but with an incredible world there’s still tons of stuff to do I’m talking aeroplanes flying getting on top of a car and falling out of an aeroplane strapping you or someone else to a bomb and shooting it and watching you flying in the air unbelievably crazy what you can do with this game

Watch dog 2

Is very similar to GTA in graphical and gameplay style it has an extremely solid story about hacking which is really really fun and the open world offers loads of stuff to do.


Mafia 2,3 - to be more precise mafia free was received a little bad because it was a bit repetitive but if you head back to mafia - you’re welcome to an open world that’s incredibly designed an amazing storyline and some very similar gameplay features to GTA like shoot and random people having fight for people getting chased by cops robbing cars and owning houses.

Red Dead Redemption

Now Web DAV. Red Dead Redemption is based back in the western time so it’s not exactly the same as GTA but the free roaming ability is to shoot in the game mechanic and down like fun you can have with this game especially if you have friends makes it a game like PPA.

The Crew

The crew deviates from Grand Theft Auto in a few major ways as it’s a racing game but the vast open world of America paired with the ability to join a game with your mates and just drive around tons of open space with beautiful scenery makes up for the lack of shooting running people over and jumping.

L.A Noir

L.A Noir is truly a blast from the past and for an old game is still remain extremely solid from its crime-scene investigation to its lie detect in the open world and the awesome free roam this game offers you can really experience something similar to GTA in a completely different reality with a completely different story line.

Far Cry:

Far cry offers a completely different gameplay style in a completely different universe but the cause still remains you have an incredible open world with incredible mechanics give it a teach drive to fly and swim and shoot your way out of almost every situation you certainly won’t die in say there’s no gun back what I want.

Sleeping Dogs:

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world action based martial arts game where you an undercover cop named we shan’t finger pay pronounce it try and take down the Triad I want to set a Japanese gang you have to kill a lot of people you have to fight a lot of people there’s lot of explosions that sounds good this can for you.


Leggo undercover now this was a pure risk on my part I mean I can see the comments right now Leggos, not like a GTA game I totally agree with you but there are some aspects if not many aspects of Lego undercover that relate to GTA its open-world you can rob cars you can run over people you can create explosions you can just walk around doing nothing it’s all adds up so even though this isn’t really like GTA it’s kind of like you today.