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February 23, 2012

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  After a series of lengthy negotiations, the Paraguayan Navy announced today the purchase of seven destroyers from Xi-Do-Gao shipyards in the People's Republic of China. Built from blueprints for the U.S.N. Fletcher class of war vessels, the ships will be named Floracruz, Chaco, Libertad, Panmundo, and Obligado. Some of the material used to make these ships will be supplied by Indian steel magnate Mr. Bingrap Singhur, a controversial figure wanted for questioning in regard to crimes against humanity committed during Apartheid. While this is the first large purchase made by the Paraguayan Navy since its inception in 1962, military analysts suspect that, lacking a seaside harbor, the ruling technocracy might have the ships broken down and moved by truck to the landlocked country's larger lakes, and deeper rivers.


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