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April 18, 2009


My current location is Vancouver Canada. I always enjoy this city, even though the sidewalks are covered in layer upon layer of discarded chewing gum. Making them constantly grow in height like coral reef. I don’t know how such a clean city can have such a filthy little habit.

Most of this town is under construction for the Olympics. I can see how a city could want the face lift that comes with holding the games, but for 2 weeks of festivities you get 5 years of constant traffic burdening road repair.

Top 5 things that make the Olympics suck:

5: Drug abuse: If you’re going to use steroids, let everyone use them. Because I want my nations athletes to develop bitch tits, and back acne.

4. Stupid sports: A horse doesn’t belong in the Olympics. Neither does anything synchronized.

3. Bad Attitudes: There is always some poor sport that gets upset at the games and does some thing stupid. You should bottle your aggression like an old married couple, then save it for the next games or let it slowly kill you.

2. Televised times: They need to have all the best events in prime time. I don’t care if they are being held on the opposite side of the world; I’d like to enjoy them after dinner. Thank you.

1. What do you think makes the Olympics suck? Answer in the comment function below.

Douche of the Day: Man who sold his daughter for cash, beer, meat etc.

A man in Greenfield California was arrested for selling his daughter.

The price was:
1. $16,000
2. 100 cases of Corona
3. 50 cases of Modelo beer
4. several cases of meat
5. two cases of wine
6. 50 cases of Gatorade
7. 50 cases of soft drinks

First of all, he gets everything except limes for the corona. I wonder if he realizes that he can purchase all of this stuff with the cash and does not need to use the barter system. The police found out about this after the father did not receive payment, he filed a complaint with the local law officials. The man an illegal immigrant from Mexico is expected to spend some time in jail and then be deported with out the beer.

It's not known if the purchaser had a costco card, but can you imagine the savings.

You could use the corona to lure in 4 more women. Now I get his plan.
I know what you're thinking. But most of them have no flavor left.