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October 22, 2009


Hotel pools always have so much chlorine in them that my eyes stay red all night. I’ll go through the rest of the evening looking like I just had a good cry. They have a water slide at the hotel I was just at, which allows for dozens of children running around screaming like a fleet of ice cream trucks driven by the Jonas Brothers was pulling up.

I’m in hotels for probably half the year, which means I have an extensive collection of tiny soaps and shower caps. One service I wish they would provide is tuck ins. Who doesn't want to have protection from drafts?

5 most annoying things at hotels:

5: Shampoo that smells like a nursing home: I’m often surprised at the fragrance of the shampoo. It’s either a fruity scent that makes you smell like a stripper or some kind moth ball and prune juice combination.

4: The forgotten late checkout: I’m often out late as my show and shenanigans don’t end until the wee hours. So I usually ask for a late check out, but more often than not I’ll have some one at my door banging, claiming no knowledge of that request. “You want towels”.

3: Slow Internet: I remember when hotels rarely had the web, now it’s expected. But nothing is more annoying than a slow and unreliable connection. The worst is when they try and make you pay for it, like I’m gong to give you $20 to use the net. Because really I only need it for about 8 minutes and hey I’m sorry about that towel.

2: The no smoking threat: I don’t smoke, you tell them that and they still go through the threats list. “Because if you do there is a 200$ fine, and then we send in a large German fellow to spank you”. I’m not going to take up smoking in the middle of the night, because I’m way to busy trying to fit one of your pillows into my luggage.

1: What do you think is the most annoying thing about hotels? Answer in the comment function below.

- The near sighted ninja performed his own laser eye surgery…… with a candle.

You had me at Geekology...
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