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December 03, 2009



Las Vegas, NV – Vision Dynamics Entertainment, a Las Vegas-based motion picture company is still making movies in a time of a national recession.  For any other filmmakers out there, who possibly understand the struggles of a film with a far less budget than Hollywood’s independent standards (less than $500,000), how about trying to make one under $10,000 with a full cast and crew of deferred actors and associated production companies?
VDE Films is on the verge of completing post-production on a film titled, You People.  If you watch the trailer, it’s a pretty humorous subject matter that most of us can relate to.  People losing their jobs and then there’s a creation of a board game that forces out the underlying feelings that society carries with them about race and stereotypes against one another…. Hmmmm.  It’s something that’s touchy to some and then there are those who say, “screw it – let’s have a laugh and stop being so sensitive”.
Back to doing things on a budget, VDE Films has a group of about 8 people. Kelly Schwarze, the head of the company, also was the writer, director and cinematographer and oh, what else… the producer and lead editor, took out the HD camera this year and got his film team out to do another feature length film.  Mark R. Johnson, also a producer, grip, post-production effects editor and sometimes craft services coordinator is right now spending sometimes 15 hours a day working on last-minute touch ups on the green-screen affects in the film.  Charisma Manulat, also the wife of Kelly Schwarze, was in charge of props coordination, auditions, behind the scene still photography, craft services, and now press releases.  Well that makes 3 out of 8.  Where are the other 5? JP Franco, James Germano, John P. Baniqued and Shae Wilhite and Denise Mills were all principal characters in the film and they are all helping out with marketing and getting the word out there.  That’s how you make a film on a tight budget.
This goes for all filmmakers, we are in a recession, but we are a unique group that knows how to multi-task and use resources well. So, to hell with this recession.  It’s not something new to us. If anyone can survive this, it’s our kind – the creative kind. We’ve adapted our sometimes low-paying creative lives to work WITH us at all times, not against us. So keep making films and work together.  
Vision Dynamics Entertainment has been making motion pictures for the past 9 years.  For more information about the company and their new movie, You People, please visit www.vdefilms.com