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December 21, 2017

The definitive list of ways to start your new year right!

Everyone has probably seen those memes floating around.

They tell you to start a song or movie at a certain time, so something special happens right at midnight on New Years.

They have now been compiled into the definitive list for your convenience.

Here are your best options for starting your new year off RIGHT:

LFO - Summer Girls

Start at 11:58:43


If you listen to LFO’s mega hit “Summer Girls” at 11:58:43,

Rich will tell you you look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch right at midnight.

What a nice compliment to start your new year off right!

Part of the beauty of this one is you can start it whenever you want and get a brilliant gem to pop up at midnight, since basically every line of this song is gold!

Any Podcast

Start At 11:42:16


If you turn on any podcast, doesn’t matter which one, starting at 11:42:16

Right at midnight, the guest will still be asking, “Did we start yet? Are you recording this already?”

Start your new year off right!

*Exception to this, if you start a Maron podcast at that time, you’ll be knee deep in a monologue of self loathing and anxiety at midnight - a nice alternate option to start your new year off right!

Ask About CrossFit

Start At 11:12:43


If you ask a CrossFit person about CrossFit at 11:12:43,

There is a chance they might be done talking about it by midnight.

But this is a tricky one to time right, it’s only suggested for advanced players in this game…

But if you can time it just right, it’ll be a great way to start your new year!

Minority Report

Start At 11:19:21

Minority Report.jpg

If you turn on “Minority Report” at exactly 11:19:21,

Tom Cruise will drop the ball with his name on it right at midnight, as the Time’s Square ball is also dropping!


Start your new year off right!


Start At 11:46:13


If you start playing Castlevania right at 11:46:13,

You’ll defeat Dracula right at midnight… unless you’re some kinda amateur hour or something.

Start your new year off right!

Star Wars

Start At 11:57:16


If you start watching The Last Jedi right at 11:57:16,

Right at midnight, you’ll want to turn it off because it’s so boring and awful.

Yeah, it was terrible.

Come at me NERDS!

Start your new year off right… Fight me!

Star Trek

Start At 11:29:53


If you start Star Trek at 11:29:53,

Right at midnight, you’ll be up to the scene where Chris Pine is shirtless.

Start your new year off right!

You’re welcome!

Ask Kevin Smith Literally Anything

Start At 11:42:16

Kevin Smith.jpg

If you ask Kevin Smith about Star Wars, or Batman, or Clerks, or basically anything at all,
at exactly 11:42:16,

he’ll be circling around to answering your question by midnight, New Year’s Eve, 2023.

Start your new year off right a few years from now!

Hang With Tom DeLonge

Start At 11:48:26


If you start hanging out with Tom DeLonge around 11:48:26 on New Year’s Eve,

Right at midnight, you’ll get beamed aboard an alien spacecraft from the future, and taken to another galaxy.

Start your new LIFE off right!

Puppies Crash Christmas

Start At Anytime And Watch On Loop Forever


And finally,

Start “Puppies Crash Christmas” at about 11:55:42

To have a cuteness overload right at midnight.

Though you can really start it whenever, cause the whole thing is a flood of adorbs.

This is the definitive way to start your new year right!

Hope this list helped. These are your best possible options for starting your new year off right. Now go start your new year off right!