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July 22, 2016

Welcome to another episode of America's Next Top Content.

Hello, and welcome back to America’s Next Top Content. This week featured the Republican National Convention, Kim K vs T Swizzle feuds, and a bunch of other stuff that matters less than those two things.

Gathered here before us is a list of seven of the best things that happened on the internet this week. And because it’s Funny Or Die, no one loses! Hooray for the internet!

The Bitch Fell Off

Bikers and fans of novelty t-shirts everywhere are wearing them: The Bitch Fell Off t-shirts are both informative and a little bit disturbing!

Texts Between Kanye West and Calvin Harris About Taylor Swift

New SAT question: If Calvin is to Taylor what Taylor is to Kanye, does anyone actually give a shit about Calvin Harris??
A) no
B) hell no
C)what is a Calvin Harris?


Doping Is A Blemish On The Pristine Face of MMA

Why does no one respect the sanctity of this bloody and gruesome sport?!


33 Things On Donald Trump’s Bucket List

Attempt to villainize an entire race of people: check! Test the waters about dating my daughter: checkerooni! Make daddy proud: TBD.

dhbgAEkQ62wB50bWAelK_Trump_Header (1).jpg

Third Eye Blind, The Best Band, Is Relevant Again So Suck It Haters

Third Eye Blind is now living a fully-charmed life after making fun of Republicans at a charity event this week. Because nothing says “culturally relevant” like making fun of targets as easy as Donald Trump.


Everything You Missed From the Season Premiere of TV’s Craziest Show, The Republican National Convention

It’s no Dance Moms, but at least the Republican National Convention has found its surprising voice of reason in the form of Ted Cruz.


21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week

And don’t forget to chase down the rest of the week’s top content with an icy, cold glass of the the internet’s best GIFs.