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October 19, 2015

Ever wonder what really happened to them? A dark twist on a popular concept.

  1) Helga Pataki hangs herself in her closet next to her statue of Arnold.
helga pataki suicide
After hearing the news that Arnold knocked up Lulu, the heart break proved to be too much for Helga to handle.

2) Darwin goes ape shit on Eliza
dawin attacks eliza
Much like the incident in Connecticut with Travis the Chimpanzee, there was nothing Eliza could have said to stop the relentless attack of her once dear friend.

3) Angelica gets into Meth.
Angelica addicted to meth
Unable to control her consumption of cookies, Angelica showed signs of having an addictive personality early on. This unfortunate trait has manifested itself into a meth addiction and has lead to a life of prostitution.

4) Krumm, the peeping tom.
krumm peeping tom
He's been taking advantage of his condition for years and continues to do so.

5) Skeeter joins ISIS.
skeeter possiblyfunny
Skeeter slowly withdrew from his normal social routine and his life has taken a very dark turn.

5 Dark Fates of Popular Nickelodeon Cartoon Characters originally posted on author's website, PossiblyFunny.com