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December 21, 2008





As a teen in the 70’s, I’m ashamed to admit I watched Match Game on CBS. It was on after Luke and Laura of General Hospital fame- but that’s another story.

Gene Rayburn hosted this feast of double entendres where Charles Nelson Riley, MG’s version of Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares- even more effeminate, was asked to come up with phrases that answered things like ‘_____ Me!’.


A widowed friend of mine subscribes to Match.com. I get a kick out of reading what women want in a mate. They have a laundry list of the typical walks on the beaches, quiet dinners with fine wine and are seeking non-smoking, social drinkers who like to shop over watching the Patriots. Bottom line is, no matter what they say, women want a good looking guy who makes money. Lots of money. Looking like an older version of a Jonas Brother doesn’t hurt, but give ‘em an Amex with no credit limit and the eyes can be trained to refocus.

“Ladies, look at it this way- if he makes enough, you can rent me”


To make things fun, here is a fill in the blank Match.com Game profile for you. Be creative.


I’m a __(1)__ searching for a ___(2)___.

I enjoy ___(3)___, hate ___(4)___ and have only recently been diagnosed with ___(5)___. It’s only mildly contagious and will unlikely lead to ___(6)___.

My perfect ___(7)___ will be ___(8)___, ___(9)___, and only occasionally do ___(10)___.

In return, I will ___(11)___ whenever asked and ___(12)___ even if I’m not.