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September 28, 2008


Ever watch "MonsterQuest" on History Channel?  Ever wonder why NOBODY ever follows the creatures they video?  What the Hell is up with that?????  Come on!  Anyway, my idea for a short video entails some huge Sasquatch-like beastie and the idiots filming it actually follow it only to learn this thing is highly intellectual--it speaks when cornered.  It speaks with the IQ and elliquence of a Plato or Aristotle proving the human follows to be booger eating morons. Naturally, anything smarter than us has to be eradicated! Hey, it don't drive a Pick Up truck or a SUV....KILL IT!!!! No credit cards?  What is that thing...some sort of Commie Subversive?  I'm watching MonsterQuest right now and the show always make me think like this.  Okay, I'll take my Meds and shut up now.