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May 12, 2009


I don't know what it is but recently my eyes have been stuffed full of visual treats.
Yesterday I had parked my car up on the side of the road and was waiting for a friend.
I was watching the people walking along as you do, wondering about their stories when I saw something quite unusual. There was a guy up a tree, a youngish fella, he had a little backpack on, one of those long skateboards and a big sheet. I suspect he may have been homeless and perhaps on something anyway he kept moving from branch to branch and swinging from some by his hands and then crouching like he was roosting. Again there was only 3 things I wanted to know, 1.) that he wasn't going to fall and 2.) What kind of animal he was imagining he was 3.) and if he was going to sleep in the tree how would he do it. Tree boy man look out for one in your neighborhood or perhaps it is you...