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August 26, 2009


But only out of genuine love and admiration. For realz, babies. Check out my latest. People think it's pretty awesome. Here are the Lonely Island shoutouts that you may have missed:

  • Yellow tie - Hi Andy, regular yellow-shirt-wearer/hottest boy ever!...What? I mean...what? Hi, what's up...
  • Pete = Jorm, because Jorm needed revenge after "I'm On a Boat."
  • Wingman - Val Kilmer - MACGRUBER (The Motion PIcture!)
  • In the evening shot, we're in front of a BOAT! (By accident, because it was by what might have been an illegal parking spot and I didn't want my car towed. Again.)
  • Europe ballad - "Hot Rod," but also I just fucking love Europe.
  • Subtle "Jizz in my Pants"┬áreference throughout.
  • But here's what we'll all miss:┬áMy favorite part of "I'm On a Boat" was Kiv's shorts, so I was wearing shorts with the yellow tie. But I was only shot above the waist. I'm so sad about that. I'm sorry, Kiv.

So, this is pretty much 1. A love letter to The Lonely Island from me and my friends and 2. The only chance we'll ever have to do a rap video. I hope all two of you like it. - jj