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December 22, 2015

Alll about channel widgets.

Widgets let you create custom pieces of content that fit on your channel page. You can create a widget with text, graphics or html. They can be clickable/ interactive or just static images.

widget_samples copy5.png

Examples of widgets we’ve used in the past: JCVD and ‘dips’

more_widget_samples copy 2.png

A few of the various sizes of widgets available

Create a Widget

widget_one_new copy 2.png

On the Widgets page, click ‘+ New widget’.

widget_make copy 2.png

Fill in the name of your widget, the body, and choose the shape you want it to be. You can determine where in the grid it will appear later.

widget_feature copy.png

Back on the widgets page, you will see your new widget. Click ‘Feature’ to have it show up on your channel homepage.

first_widget_on_grid copy.png

Your widget will appear on your homepage grid. It’s exact location will depend on a number of things; but mainly how many media items and other widgets you already have featured.

To arrange the grid your homepage, go here.