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August 14, 2008


We know Bernie Mac died on Saturday and Issac Hayes died of a stroke on Sunday.They both was on the same movie which Samuel L.Jackson is also called 'Soul men'. Is this a cursed movie like Batman?It was between Morgan freeman versus Samuel L.Jackson as my higher power.I pick S.L.J. cause he's not in a hospital like Morgan freeman with his cursed movie.Samuel L.Jackson is a stronger higher power and his divinity is greater.He played a few crackheads and was a crack addict at one time and is now sober I believe.He played a minister and a minister's crackhead son,Gator in Spike lee's Jungle fever.He was in a transition phrase otherwise both you all asses would deader than fried chicken.I love fried chicken.That's why i got high cholesterol.I decided to walk the earth when he had a moment of clarity while eating his muffin.That's why I starting the Church of the Holy Muffin.Samuel L. Jackson made more movies in a shorter amount of time than Morgan freeman.