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August 19, 2014

Before Nathan for You, Nathan Fielder had a fake psychic website called Ronaldshoub.com.

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During a recent appearance on Grantland‘s “BS Report” podcast, Nathan Fielder mentioned (around the 1:08 mark) a website that he made years ago in the character of a psychic and spiritual healer named Ronald Shoub.

The site, Ronaldshoub.com, has a lot on it for visitors to navigate through, including anonymous celebrity testimonials; offers for online chat psychic readings, telephone readings, and in-person readings (“Like a telephone reading, but in-person”); guides for how to use healing crystals; and various services for getting in contact with “spirits, ghosts, friends you can’t find, etc."Fielder says on the podcast that he received actual messages after making this site and still does.

It’s cool to see Fielder’s interest in psychics and the like started long before he started consulting them on Nathan For You, and also interesting to see him doing a character that he might not get away with now that he has his own show named after him on TV.

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You can see more on the site Ronaldshoub.com. H/T Uproxx