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August 28, 2008


I guess I just won the longest mutha-fucking title for a post award.I just watched bernie mac do his bit on my favorite word.Greeks invented that shit but that's for another post.The Governator probably don't like my ass if he read some of my misanthrope65 blogs on liveJournal.But,Arnold got to fire more people and told other state workers to work for mininum wages.Shit,you work for mininum wage or FREE you got enough money off the percentage you get for the back ends of your shitty movies,Planet hollywoods and/or Houses of Blues.And, make my greasy ass food Legal again back in California.Shit,I already got high cholestrol.I might as well die happy with trans fat dripping down my arm.People in this country is scared to die!Why? We all got to do it eventually. You all outlaw smoking.You outlaw drugs.Only certain drugs.The good ones.Leave my junk food the fuck alone and let me clog up my artiries.What's next? Counting how many times you fart cause the methane level could affect the ozone layer?Can we kick off the apocalypse right now? I'm tired of waiting!