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August 20, 2012

In a marketing plan gone horribly wrong, Lionsgate dumped 100 'Hunger Games' DVDs in the middle of Times Square last night at midnight.

In what’s being called a marketing plan gone horribly wrong, Lionsgate released The Hunger Games DVD Saturday night at midnight by dumping 100 copies in a pile in the middle of Times Square.

Within seconds, four teenagers were killed by crossbow, three by blowdart and one young girl was beheaded by a sickle. The carnage continued through the night finally ending with all 100 copies gone and over 600 teens dead.

“It was just bad marketing on our part,” Lionsgate Head Jon Feltheimer admitted at a press conference this morning. “Dead bodies don’t buy tickets. Rule number one of marketing is don’t kill your customers.”

Attempting to vie for the their share of the young audience, Summit released 100 advanced copies of the not yet released The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in a similar pile at nearby Washington Square Park. As of this printing, all 100 copies still remain.

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