Last night Conan aired the special episode “Mission Conan” in which he travelled to Qatar with First Lady Michelle Obama and several other performers to entertain the troops at the Al Udeid Air Base.

Continuing the impressive streak of specials filmed abroad like “Conan in Cuba” and “Conan in Armenia,” “Mission Conan” saw the host goofing off in a variety of remote segments. Unlike his previous two international specials, this is the first where he gets attacked by dogs (we think). Check out some highlights below.

Since, for security reasons, the crew couldn’t exactly film Conan flying in a plane to Qatar with FLOTUS, they did the next best thing — reconstruct the whole thing through state-of-the-art 3D animation, like a bad news story would.

Over the course of the episode, Conan spent some time with a few specific units. First he got to train with the canine training unit, which is fitting since we’ve always said Conan’s kinda the man’s-best-friend of the late night world.

And then he hung out with the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit, which is fitting because we’ve always said he has the most explosive personality in the late night world.

Here is a clip of John Mulaney and Grace Potter performing standup and playing music for the troops:

And, finally, here is Conan vowing to make some big changes at Al Udeid, specifically in the alcohol and porn departments.

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