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Evil Gypsy Woman (  So it's 1955 in the Pittsburgh PA area and the carney Stanley Oliver ( Adam Edge Copeland ) is falling in love with a stripper named Khloe Ash, that he meet her at the local whore house. An little does Mr. Stanley Oliver know but she is evil a gypsy women ! An Khole Ash (Tracy Lynn Cruz ) this evil gypsy women turns his co-workers into zombies that go on a killing spree on the patriatants at the carnival after he breaks up with her over his job and the fact that she is a whore. An now Stanley Oliver has to play hero. An after Killing off his undead co-workers he must track the evil Gypsy Women Khole Ash so he can kill her for her evil acts she has done to the people you dig. An in the midst of it all he save his x girl friend Gwen Lee ( Melody Prekins ) who is at the Carnival with her new young rich boyfriend Tray Brown ( Chuck Hittinger ) who gets bit and becomes a walking dead killer. So Gwen and Stanley team up together to save the day and then they track down Khole, so they can stop her for good by way of killer her to death ending the spell forever !.When love goes bad sh*t gets real nuts ! An so in the end Gwen and Stanley Oliver fall back in love. After saving the area for a walking dead take over an a evil Gypsy woman. Rated t.v MA. An yes this movie is shot in black and white give it that classic 1955 feel in this new syfy horror cult classic for the ages. Your going to dig this yah see !)


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