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February 23, 2015

A scouting report on the most promising and sloppiest smoochers headed into this year's draft.

Today marks the first day of the NFL Combine, an annual week-long showcase of physical and mental tests that allow franchise scouts to assess athletes who hope to be drafted into the pro football ranks later this year. Already, several different events have been completed, but the vast majority of fans are most interested in the outcome of today’s daunting kissing workout. Here’s how the top players stacked up:

Byron Jones


The cornerback from UConn wasn’t considered a great prospect coming into the Combine, but he put up some impressive kissing stats, smooching six coaches, three assistant coaches, and two scouts in just 4.91 seconds.

Chris Conley

Chris Conley.jpg

Although the kissing workout isn’t Conley’s strongest suit, he had a more-than-respectable showing, just about wearing the practice lips right off the padded kissing dummies.

J.J. Nelson

JJ nelson.jpg

The question coming into the combine was always, “can J.J. Nelson kiss at the professional level?” Nelson quickly silenced his critics, proving he can kiss as long and hard as many NFL veterans.

Justin Cox

Justin Cox.jpg

The Mississippi State defensive back’s brushes with the law resulting in burglary charges last year scared off many scouts, but the big, wet sloppy kisses he laid down during his blazing run through the Kissing Gauntlet likely had them giving Cox a second look.

Vic Beasley

Vic Beasley.jpg

After the defensive end from Clemson hyperextended both his upper and lower lips, many insiders didn’t give him much of a chance at the Combine. Beasley proved them all wrong by planting a definitive series of firm, loving kisses on any lips within reach.

Kevin White

Kevin White.jpg

Whatever Kevin White may have lacked in quantity, he made up for in terms of variety of kisses, showing the scouts smooches that ranged from quick pecks to sloppy frenching. Look for White to go high in the draft to a team like the Broncos, who could use a solid kisser at the wide receiver position.

Trae Waynes

Trae Waynes.jpg

The star MSU cornerback didn’t really surprise anyone, confirming what many in the know already suspected by posting kissing results the likes of which hadn’t been seen since Richard Sherman worked out in 2011.

Reggie Tomlinson


A unknown walk-on, Tomlinson blew every other player out of the water in the kissing workout and shattered all existing records. It remains unclear how someone with so little formal conditioning and coaching could perform so spectacularly in this event.