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September 22, 2008


My friends have this game called "Rock Band." For those of you who don't know, it is a game where the players pretend to use real instruments to play a rock song. There is a drum set, guitar, and a microphone. I don't play regular video games so this to me seemed extreme. However I was drunk and little curious. I started on the guitar which is the easiest out of the three. I was doing pretty good beginning to feel a little like a rock star. Then I moved onto the drum set. This was incredibly hard. I failed on every song. This dissapointed everyone in the band because of all their hard work late at night to perfect each song. Realizing their dissapointment I moved on to the microphone. This had to be easy. all you had to do was sing the song. Wrong. This game obviously could not recognize pure talent becasue it said I failed. This angered me, but I gave the game one more chance. This time we played "when you were young" by The Killers, one of my personal favorites. I knew this song better than the lead singer. Failed. I did the only reasonable thing and threw the microphone, hitting my friend derek in the head. It was an accident. Derek understood and the band continued to play. Hearing the band, more people came down to watch the concert. As the night went on some people got very into the music. girls were dancing, guys were nodding their head with the beat, everybody was singing along. Everybody was drunk. This is when things got a little weird. Some of the girls were getting very close to the band. some girls gravitating to the lead singer, some to the drummer and others to the guitarist. They were dancing very close and staring intently at their every move. Later on when the band was done their set, the girls were still all over them. I was a little confused. I had class in the morning so I left.

The next day I found out that two of the girls hooked up with members of the band. The drummer and the guitarist. This made me think about how those girls must feel today. To be a groupie for guys imitating real musicians in their basement on a video game. I think the only thing worse than that would be to hook-up with a guy because he could tear it up on air-guitar.

If you have a story of a weird video game experience please share it.