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August 12, 2010

Remodeling your kitchen custom cabinets will not just make your house more livable for you. It also potentially increases the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

Remodeling your kitchen custom cabinets will not just make your house more livable for you. It also potentially increases the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, then you probably know that it will involve a certain amount of money, time, and inconvenience, whether you intend to do a minor remodel only or redo the entire space. Despite your best-laid plans,

however, you can expect that a custom kitchen cabinets remodeling project will take longer and costs more than you thought.

For those who are in earnest about getting their kitchens set up according to their specific preferences, some kitchen remodeling tips should certainly not go amiss. Here are just a few kitchen remodeling tips that are intended to make this tricky process easier:

Set your budget. Unless you figure out how much you can spend for kitchen remodeling, you can’t move forward with the

project. It’s quite prudent to put aside some extra money (about 20 percent of your budget) for unexpected additional expenses.

Determine how you will be using the kitchen. If you are an enthusiastic cook, then you may need to focus some of your spending on the cooking appliances or a dishwasher.

Choose your contractor judiciously. This is one of the foremost kitchen remodeling tips you should heed. Unless you want to do the whole thing on your own, the contractor you choose can make or break your kitchen remodeling project.

Get several contractors to make bids on your project, and make sure that you give each one the same job specifications.

Also, make sure to be specific about what materials should be used, so the cost estimates can be as accurate as possible.

Do research on your prospective contractors. You can interview their past customers to find out how they work; try asking to see the results of the work they did. Ask the contractors for proof of their licenses and insurance coverage.

After checking out credentials, ask yourself what’s your gut feeling about the contractor. You need to be comfortable with them because for months, you will have to deal with whoever gets the contract.

Do not pay for the whole remodeling project in advance. A down payment not more than 25 percent of the total contract price is usually acceptable. The contract should of course stipulate the payment schedule.

Keep in mind the kitchen work triangle. The three points of this imaginary triangle are the cooktop, the sink, and the refrigerator. For maximum efficiency, the kitchen work triangle should be twenty-six feet or less.

Choose the right materials for your kitchen. You don’t really need to pay top dollar for marble or granite countertops when a more affordable material, such as manufactured quartz, would be just as tough and look just as good.

Stainless steel blends in smoothly with most kitchens, especially when the design motif for a kitchen leans toward the sleek and sophisticated. The neutrality and reflective surfaces of stainless steel appliances camouflage them nicely.

These kitchen remodeling tips will help guide you to a satisfying final inspection and final payment on your wonderful new remodeled kitchen. May you have the best of luck with your kitchen remodeling efforts.