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May 09, 2012

I believe in change, I am change.

Listen fair reader, I’m coming up with genius ideas DAILY! Maybe even minutely! But here’s the difference between myself and everyone else…I take the steps to make a difference! So naturally, when my recent idea came to revolutionize the Tampax and grocery store world, I decided to e-mail their customer service department and see if we could bring about some change…


Here is the full copy of what I wrote to them…

Hello! First and foremost, let me establish the fact that any girl I’ve ever known has fully endorsed your products. It’s safe to say I know nothing about tampons, but I do know lots of women use them. This, however, isn’t my life story from the perspective of tampons…I’ll save that for my memoirs.

This is more of a suggestion…I think tampons should be placed in random sections across the grocery store!

Why you ask? Well, I fear nothing…nothing at all. Snakes? Nope, don’t fear them. Spiders? Nope, could care less. Ghosts? “I ain’t fraid of no ghosts.” Tampon shopping? Nope, don’t care, I’ll buy em all day. But after watching a gentleman awkwardly buy them, I had a thought…

If these were in the meat aisle, you could casually buy a beefsteak and a period stopper. Easy, peezy! Put em in the hot sauce aisle, so you can casually purchase some Tapatio and Tampax! In fact…that’s a great slogan! USE IT! I’ll letcha! I’m all for uniting products in the grocery store. This isn’t just for Tampax, this is also for candles, tape, cereal, ketchup, tofu, soap, fresh fruit, bug spray, EVERYTHING! Too long these products have been segregated! It’s 2012, let’s just put them all together!!!

I hope you take my suggestion into consideration, and if I walk into the grocery store and find everything living together, not segregated to a specific aisle, I’ll know my time on this Earth was time well spent…and take that knowledge to the next Earth! Do you guys believe in 2nd Earth…let’s not get into that now!

T4L (Tampax 4 Life)